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About is intended to be a source of historical information on the subject of motor vehicle license plates issued in Washington, D.C. since registration was first required in 1903. This site is not affiliated with the D.C. Dept. of Motor Vehicles or any other government agency. Rather, it is privately supported for the benefit of license plate collectors and others with an interest in the subject matter.

This site is based upon a 2003 paper in which details of the multi-year baseplates issued since 1966 were explained. During March and April 2004, this resource was fashioned into seven separate pages, one for each base. A few other pages were prepared in early 2004, after which the project was abandoned until being revived in late December 2005. Following several weeks of work, a period during which a few pages were added and others completed, the site was published on the Web as on January 16, 2006. Its name was changed to on January 8, 2008.


  • Brian Alcorn (D.C.)
  • John Anshant (Pa.)
  • Andrew Apgar (Okla.)
  • George Balsamo (Ill.)
  • Erik Bos (Neth.)
  • Chuck Crisler (Ind.)
  • Shannon Dickinson (Ala.)
  • David Doernberg (Md.)
  • Jim Fox (Ohio)
  • J. Ray Frank (Md.)
  • Bradley Gallagher (D.C.)
  • John D. Garst, Jr. (D.C.)
  • Charlie Gauthier (Va.)
  • Kevin Gauthier (D.C.)
  • Mike Hart (Mass.)
  • Robert Hart (Ohio)
  • Skip Lackie (D.C.)
  • Dave Lincoln (Pa.)
  • Johnny Miles (D.C.)
  • Jeff Minard (Cal.)
  • Corb Moister (Vt.)
  • Dave Nicholson (Me.)
  • Andrew Pang (Va.)
  • Steve Raiche (Fla.)
  • Joe Sallmen (W.Va.)
  • Eric Tanner (Mich.)
  • Rex Turner (Va.)
  • John Willard (Pa.)
  • J. Reid Williamson (Va.)

Regular contributors to in June 2011

Several regular contributors to assembled at the display of J. Ray Frank at the Auto License Plate Collectors Assn. 2011 internatiional convention. Click here to read about and see additional images of the display.


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Everyone with information about and images of Washington, D.C. plates is encouraged to contact us about contributing to this site. accepts all relevant data and photos, including (but not limited to):

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