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Non-Passenger License Plates
Page III: Motor Vehicle Business Types



First Issued: 1919
Current Type Designation: D prefix

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Motorcycle Dealer
Earliest Known: 1959



1959 (exp. 3-31-60) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM108 1960 (exp. 3-31-61) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM101 1961 (exp. 3-31-62) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM107 1962 (exp. 3-31-63) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM101
exp. 3-31-60
exp. 3-31-61
exp. 3-31-62
exp. 3-31-63
1963 (exp. 3-31-64) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM109 1964 (exp. 3-31-65) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM111 1965 (exp. 3-31-66) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM011 1966 (exp. 3-31-67) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM027
exp. 3-31-64
exp. 3-31-65
exp. 3-31-66
exp. 3-31-67
1967 (exp. 3-31-68) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM032 1968 (exp. 3-31-69) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM023 1969 (exp. 3-31-70) motorcycle dealer plate no. DM048
exp. 3-31-68
exp. 3-31-69
exp. 3-31-70

The earliest known example of this rare type is the 1959 issue, dated "1960" and expiring March 31, 1960. Colors and replacement timing followed those characteristics of regular dealer plates, not private motorcycle and passenger car plates.


Trailer Dealer
Earliest Known: 1959


1971 (exp. 3-31-72) Trailer Dealer no. DT-010

Very little is known about this rare type. Plates of the 1960s and early 1970s, the only ones verified to have been made and issued, are mostly in the format of regular dealer plates but feature a DT prefix. An exception is that at least the oldest plates (and perhaps others) are of the smaller size characteristic of motorcycle and motorcycle dealer plates.


First Issued: 2005



2004-05 Manufacturer plate no. MFR-0013 2005-06 Manufacturer plate no. MFR-0201
Nov. 2004-Oct. 2005
Nov. 2005-Oct. 2006
2006-07 Manufacturer plate no. MFR-0306 2008-09 Manufacturer plate no. MFR-0505
Nov. 2006-Oct. 2007
Nov. 2008-Oct. 2009

This is the the most recent type to have been introduced in the Nation's Capital. Why and exactly when manufacturer plates were introduced is still unknown, but these images indicate that at least one corporation, General Motors, has availed itself of its ability to obtain them. The expiration date is printed in each upper corner. Numbers on plates of a new registration year begin at or near where the previous year ended as opposed to beginning at 0000 or 0001 annually. Color schemes of Manufacturer plates are as follows:

Nov. 2004-Oct. 2005 white on red
Nov. 2005-Oct. 2006 white on blue
Nov. 2006-Oct. 2007 black on orange
Nov. 2007-Oct. 2008  
Nov. 2008-Oct. 2009 black on orange
Nov. 2009-Oct. 2010 black on pink
Nov. 2010-Oct. 2011 black on orange


Dealer Transport
Earliest Known: 1961



1961 (exp. 3-31-62) Transport plate no. 115
1962 (exp. 3-31-63) Transport plate no. 130
1963 (exp. 3-31-64) Transport plate no. 111 1964 (exp. 3-31-65) Transport plate no. 122 1965 (exp. 3-31-66) Transport plate no. 038
1966 (exp. 3-31-67) Transport plate no. 168
1967 (exp. 3-31-68) Transport plate no. 210
1969 (exp. 3-31-70) Transport plate no. 240 1972 (exp. 3-31-73) Transport plate no. 43 1973 (exp. 3-31-74) Transport plate no. 290
  1984 base Transport plate no. 439  
1984 Baseplate

Dealer Transport plates have not been observed in use for many years and presumably they are longer issued. The earliest and most recent known examples are included in the collection pictured here. Plates of this type were issued to new car dealers for use in transporting vehicles from one dealership to another. Their obsolescence is likely due in part to dealers being permitted to use their regular dealer plates to transport vehicles, and of course as of late 2014 there is only a single, small new car dealer located within the District of Columbia, which intends to relocate to nearby Maryland in March 2015.


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